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How Does it work ?

Dear users,

After understanding the reality created when a person seeking a partner or partners in any matter whatsoever must usually plow through forums or social network pages or beyond that open a social network page or a blog by himself, involving several registrations on various sites without anything being concentrated in one site or in one group  .
For example, when Harry is looking for a partner for a trip he would struggle to find him on the net and after great efforts he would arrive at the person he was really looking for.  At the same time Harry is also looking for a flat mate close to the university where he studies   .
Soon after that or even at the same time Harry is looking for a partner with whom to open the gadgets store that he is dreaming about and he is also looking for a partner to play tennis with on his local courts .
This reality leads us to build this special website that combines the main areas of life:  a partner for a business, venture, living accommodation, touring, music, sport, pets, knowledge (studies), hobby or anything else and also this by one place and one registration.
Another special feature is opening a user account that includes a user page, where you can add for example your Facebook page and your YouTube site, add pdf, photographs and videos that are connected to you or your business, so that people who wish to connect to you can really get to know you even before they make the contact, from several life angles, in the business and social field, fields of interest etc.
We hope that you will enjoy the website, it is important to send suggestions for improving the site and we would be happy to hear whether your partnership via the site has been a success, let us know!
With best regards, Team